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The media has dubbed it as thelimitless pill”, a pill so powerful it changed the world for a silicon valley millionaire, praising it for hes success. It became prominent when the entrepreneur made it clear in hes statement that he would not have been able to work as prolific as he did if it wasnt for this miraculous discovery.

Also known as Viagra for the mind, the limitless pill is obtainable via prescription and is FDA approved and marketed as Provigil.

This is a prescription drug used to increase wakefulness in those who have sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea (obstructive sleep apnea) and other excessive sleepiness disorders.

However, not just those who suffer from medical illnesscan gain effect. Anybody who takes it will notice the world slow down at their fingertips. Doctors, Lawyers, CEOs, Business Owners, Directors, Pilots and many other professionals take Modafinil to get through theyre shifts.

  • Modafinil was used during the Osama Bin Laden raid. Black Hawk helicopter pilots used it to stay alert during the coop. If thats not enough to convince you, check out this article on a silicon valley millionaire who thanked Modafinil for his glory.
  • Users find their mind clear and laser sharp. Procrastination is gone, people find that when they do tedious tasks, its not as tedious as they thought it, assignments arent feared and completed logically and quick.
  • High School and College students have been reported to be abusing the substance for some time now. In preparation for large assessments such as essays and thesis’, the pill allows them to process information rapidly in turn helping them learn faster.

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