What helps athletes to keep up spirit?

modafinil endurance in sportModafinil can increase physical endurance and reduce fatigue of the body. In this regard, more and more athletes started to use Modafinil, preparing for international competitions. Currently, Provigil (Modafinil) is included in the World Anti-Doping Agency list of drugs, that athletes will not be able to use when preparing for a competition, during the training process, as well as directly in the tournaments.

In 2003, the American runner Kelli White has been stripped of the two titles, won in the race for the 100 and 200 meters in the World Athletics Championships in Paris. Recall that White is blamed in Modafinil intake. Runner explained that Modafinil is a part of medication for narcolepsy, a disease that affects her entire family.

Narcolepsy is a result of brain disorders in which a person may suddenly “tune out”, other words, to fall asleep at any time, often when performing dangerous work. Vice-President of the International Athletics Association (IAAF) Arne Lungvist during the scandal with Kelly White “doping” said about necessity to conduct further studies of Modafinil.

Doping test of Olympic champion in the 4×400 meters American Calvin Harrison has shown the presence of Modafinil in his body while participation. Informs Reuters from an informed source. A positive sample A was recorded this summer and Harrison was not the only athlete to have got on Modafinil.

“Yes, I had a positive test for Modafinil at the national final – responded Harrison. – I was informed that after A analysis will follow B. The coach from California gave me those pills and I took them. This coach claimed that the pills do not contain steroids or any banned substances, but will help to avoid fatigue”. If the B analysis of Calvin Harrison is positive, he will face disqualification and, therefore, the gold of the American team in the 4x400m in Paris, where Harrison ran the first stage, will be under the big question.wada

Doping sample, taken from one of the world’s strongest basketball players Diana Taurasi, confirmed the presence of stimulating substance Modafinil in the body of an American athlete, reports Turkish television. The sample was taken from a 28 -year-old Taurasi in November after a championship match in Turkey, where a basketball player moved from Moscow “Spartacus”. Attacking “Fenerbahce” is threatened disqualification for a minimum of six months. Taurasi twice won Olympic gold, twice won the champion of the WNBA , playing in “Spartacus” (now – “Sparta & K” ) has repeatedly won the Russian and Euroleague championship.