Sleep Disorder: Excessive Fatigue

Heads… Lot’s of it! If you are to look down from the skies of New York City, all you will see are heads (aside from the structures of course). Yes, hundreds and more of those tiny human heads moving back and forth all with no movement pattern. This pictures the busy streets of New York. And don’t you even get me talking about other busy streets in the world for believe me IT GETS MESSIER! But if you insist, then prepare for an excessive fatigue this fats are about to give you.

Life today is now a lot more different than it used to be. Let’s take ASIA for one… Countries in ASIA like Philippines for example used to have clean roads and when I say clean roads, I mean there are only a small number of not so busy people moving around in an orderly fashion. Women glides smoothly wearing their dresses and men gently walking on their humble sandals.

And now? The age of serenity is no more! People from all walks of life move around busy with their individual concerns. Most of which is work. Construction workers busy fixing the road, men on coat and tie racing against time not to be late for work, women fighting over a taxi cab, professionals rushing to get a cup of Joe on the way to work, and the others like the rest struggling to budget time.


Jobs, unlike before has been taken to a higher level of difficulty, companies outgrew themselves by improving the productivity and utilization of their employees making everybody working doubly hard nowadays. With the employment rate of about 3 Billion, you can expect that the world would be the busiest place in the universe.

In this regard, you can only imagine the stress that the working public take everyday. From the hassle of going to and from work everyday (regardless of this through commuting or driving your own car) to the hard long day that they have to endure. Work though dynamic can also be redundant specially if you are in the line of work where you have to do different things the same way or use different ways to do the same things EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not to mention the pressure given by the risk that what you did at work maybe rejected or to be asked to do things again.

Those are just some of the bountiful source of excessive fatigue.

Want To Know More? Read On…

Sleep disorder, this is when a person does not complete the ideal 8 hours of sleep required of a normal adult. Most of the time, sleep disorder maybe caused by disturbances either in sleep (caused by noise or abrupt movement) or long pauses in breathing (that causes loud snores)

Depression can also be considered as one of the major source of excessive fatigue. This is a feeling of exhaustion (extremely feeling tired) together with loss of appetite and dissatisfaction.

Normally, many people find refuge in caffeine intake believing that it would relieve their stress. Non-coffee drinkers take alcohol as an alternative not knowing that these won’t get rid of the fatigue. Caffeine is known to keep us awake so taking them before bedtime will just keep you up if not take your sleep lighter so sleep won’t be continuous as expected. Alcohol on the other hand is a depressant so obviously will only add to the fatigue you’re struggling with.

Luckily for us living in the present times, a wonder drug has been formulated to help us overcome excessive fatigue. One perfect example is Modafinil.

Modafinil is a drug (comes as tablets) that works as a stimulant promoting wakefulness. Sedation can also be treated with this and as good news… Fatigue!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Jetlag, fibromalgia and a lot more… Modafinil keeps the nervous system functioning so as the patient will remain active on the cycle they need to adhere to and prevent sleepiness and daytime somnolence.

With life being on the fast lane, not everybody has the luxury of time. You maybe one of those who don’t have the time to unwind in a coffee shop nor even make your self a cup before going to work most specially don’t have the time and strength to check out a bar after work. With a drug like Modafinil, all you need is a glass of water and you’re good to go. This can be taken safely even on an empty stomach. One tablet once a day get’s rid of excessive fatigue.

*Seek your doctor’s advice before in taking to ensure correct dosage and intake scheduling.